North Avenue Signal Timing Optimization

Project Name: North Avenue Signal Timing Optimization

Project Location: North Baltimore, MD

Description of Project: Develop and perform signal timing optimization of North Avenue signal timing optimization performed along North Avenue between Pennsylvania Avenue and Belair Road/Gay Street, composed of twenty-seven signalized intersections on North Avenue, plus an additional signalized intersection south of North Avenue.

T3D’s Role in Project: Conduct comprehensive existing condition data, including but not limited to roadway geometry data, intersection data, traffic volume data, parking information, traffic control, existing signal phasing, and existing pedestrian crossing information. Prepare existing condition for the “before” optimization condition using Synchro signal timing optimization software. Define coordination zones for the signal network and optimize signal timing for the “after” optimization condition. Compare the results between the “before” and “after” conditions data, and summarizes the benefits of optimizing and coordinating signal timing. Benefits are measured in terms of travel time savings, reduction in vehicle operating costs (measured in stops per vehicle), fuel consumption savings, and emissions reductions.

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