Quadrant Roadway Intersection (QRI) – Route 340/522 and Route 55

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Project Name: Quadrant Roadway Intersection (QRI) – Route 340/522 and Route 55

Project Location: Town of Front Royal, in Warren County, Virginia

Client: VDOT

Description of Project:

This project involves the first Quadrant Roadway Intersection (QRI) in Virginia. A QRI is an innovative intersection design that is intended as a cost-effective solution in congested areas. This location is the intersection of two busy roadways. The new QRI reroutes all four left-turn movements away from the intersection and onto a new road connecting the two intersecting roadways. The benefit of this design is that it eliminates all left turns at the main intersection for greater safety and less overall delay.

T3’s Role:

T3 was responsible for developing new signal timing plans for the QRI. They also used VISSIM traffic simulation software to create animated videos to be shown at the VDOT Public Hearing so that citizens could visualize how the new QRI would work. These videos illustrated the unique travel paths associated with the Quadrant Roadway Intersection (QRI).

To make the simulations realistic and readily understood by those familiar with the area, T3 developed area-specific 3D landmarks in the vicinity of the QRI using SketchUp software and embedded the customized 3D objects in the VISSIM simulation. T3 also included a bird’s eye view window with a moving object on an aerial map to help the viewer locate where the camera was in comparison to the driver viewing perspective.

T3 supported the VDOT public hearing held on September 28, 2017 in Front Royal, Virginia.

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