Transportation Planning is essential to future land use and infrastructure improvement.  T3 has a highly experienced staff with the skills and approach to help clients achieve their objectives.

A selection of the Planning services T3 Design Corporation offers:

  • When future development is planned in a community, T3 provides traffic impact analysis to ensure the infrastructure is equipped to handle the change.  
  • Using traffic forecast and micro-simulation tools, T3 predicts and analyzes future traffic conditions to deliver innovative and workable solutions.
  • T3 performs traffic engineering analysis to diagnose issues and then provides a plan for adequate capacity on highways, arterial roads and intersections to accommodate demand.
  • T3 conducts crash and safety analyses to identify hot spot and hazardous issues, then develops countermeasures to provide commuters with safer roads and to protect property and lives.
  • T3 provides government agencies interchange justification and modification reports to plan for a functional freeway system and surrounding neighborhood. 
  • Incorporating all roadway users, including pedestrians and bicyclists, T3 provides traffic calming to neighborhoods for pleasant, safe and efficient travel opportunities.
  • T3 collects a variety of traffic data and conducts post data analysis using geographical information system tools to provide accurate and diverse information. 
  • T3 also provides support and participates in public hearings, stakeholder facilitation and design charrettes using the most effective formats available. This allows our clients to communicate their vision for the project to the public successfully.

Featured projects:

T3 Design is an equal opportunity employer.