Sound Transportation Design is key to moving commuters safely and efficiently.  The diverse and highly qualified staff at T3 Design Corporation offers a team with the dedication and determination to accomplish project goals.  

A selection of the Design services T3 Design Corporation offers:

  • We design innovative signalized and stop controlled intersections including roundabouts to ensure safety, efficiency and provide for future growth.
  • T3 customizes the situation to find innovative ideas and fiscally responsible solutions in traffic signal design.
  • Roadway construction work can cause traffic disruptions which require transportation management plans, maintenance of traffic detour plans and construction sequencing plans to mitigate the impact.  T3 provides these plans to relieve congestion and to ensure roadway user’s and construction crew’s safety along with on time project completion. 
  • To guide roadway users through routes with no surprises and to help people reach their destinations easily, T3 provides seamless pavement markings and clearly understood signing design.
  • To minimize the risk of a motorist running off the road, T3 provides design and analysis for roadside barriers and guardrail inspections.
  • T3 designs facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians to provide a safe, fluid connectivity among different forms of transportation.
  • T3 provides roadway drainage design to ensure adequate roadway run off.
  • Geometric roadway design is provided by T3 to enhance roadway safety and comfortability of ride.
  • T3 designs a variety of innovative traffic control systems using fiber optics, adaptive traffic control systems and traffic surveillance and monitoring to help agencies with speedy communication among devices and real time traffic response.
  • T3 also provides electronic toll system support for efficient and reliable toll collection and with reducing traffic backups at toll point.

Featured projects:

T3 Design is an equal opportunity employer.