Dale Boulevard Intersection Improvement Project

Project Location: Prince William County, VA

Project Description: Take recommendations from the STARS (Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions) Program and prepare traffic signal modification plans to implement. The STARS program is intended to develop comprehensive, innovative transportation solutions to relieve congestion bottlenecks and solve critical traffic and safety challenges throughout Virginia. Prepare signal modification plan and pavement marking plan.

T3D’s Role in Project: Prepared traffic signal modification plans for three intersections along the corridor to implement the recommendations:

  • Dale Boulevard at Lindendale Road
  • Dale Boulevard at Forestdale Road
  • Dale Boulevard at CherrydaleRoad

 The modifications involved a complete rebuild of traffic signal equipment at all three intersections, with signal poles and mast arms that met current VDOT standards, LED signal heads, along with installation of crosswalk and pedestrian improvements, signal timing and phasing changes. Plans were developed at 1”=25’ scale, with general notes, plan views, sign details sheets for all street name and advance street signs, and quantity summary sheets by intersection.

prepared preliminary and final traffic signal plans and coordinated with the pavement marking plans to establish optimal locations for stop lines and crosswalks. T3 designed street name signs to meet new VDOT signing requirements and to be installed on mast arms. Preemption equipment and wiring was designed as an independent conduit system so that it could be maintained by Prince William County.

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