I-97 at I-695 Interchange Lighting Project

Project Name: Lighting Design Project at I-97 and I-695 Interchange

Project Location: Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Client: Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA)

Project Description: The project consists of upgrading the roadway lighting at the interchange of I-97 at I-695 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. This is a complex and congested interchange just east of the Francis Scott Key Bridge near Baltimore.

T3’s role in Project:

T3 is responsible for preparing roadway lighting plans and erosion & sediment (E&S) control plans for the project. T3 conducted a field inventory for the existing lighting system to determine if the lighting system could be modified or if it needed to be totally replaced and tied into lighting systems at adjacent interchanges.

After evaluating the existing lighting and sign structures, T3 developed lighting plans with proposed lighting cabinets and available power service locations. Lighting plans were designed to re-use existing light poles / cables wherever possible to decrease overall cost.

T3 also developed E&S control plans and calculated the limits of disturbance (LOD).

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