Duke Street Congestion Mitigation Project

Project Location: Alexandria, VA

Description of Project: is to relieve traffic congestion along the Duke Street corridor from South Walker Street to the west and Dove Street to the east by implementing traffic responsive signal controls with optimized coordination timing plans, installing improved vehicle detection and installing accessible pedestrian signals. The corridor has peak and non-peak period vehicle demands that can be predicted for a typical day, however, the corridor is also impacted by non-recurring occurrences on both I-395and I-95/495, which cannot be predicted. The benefit of traffic responsive control is the ability to implement timing plans based on the non-predicted occurrences.

T3Dā€™s Role in Project: Evaluate the existing traffic signal operations on Duke Street from South Walker Street to Dove Street. Provide recommendations for equipment and technology upgrades. Develop the plans and procurement documents for upgrades to the traffic control system, communications network equipment and infrastructure, system detectors on Duke Street, local intersection operations on Duke Street, and pedestrian operations on Duke Street. Update traffic signal timing plans and enhancing pedestrian operations within the corridor. Develop and implement traffic responsive signal timing operations.

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